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feral_campers's Journal

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Campers at Feral! Summer Camp
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Camp Feral! is a summer camp held each year in Algonquin provincial park
in Ontario.

There is an email list for discussing the camp and camp issues. This LiveJournal community is for those who have attended Camp Feral! to keep in touch, to share their lives. Members can cross-post friends-locked (or not), so that they don't have add/be added by all the campers they'd like to keep in touch with. This livejournal community is not in any way offical or endorsed by Feral staff.

Camp issues should still be discussed on the mailing list so all interested parties can follow, even those without a livejournal.

LiveJournal users who wish to join email the maintainer blackfeather and ask to be added. Tell me which year(s) you have attended Camp Feral! and I'll add you. If you want your "phenotype" (species of affinity) to be added to the interests list, put that in the email.

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