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Camp Feral 'Algonquinos' Video is Online! (NSFW)

Feral! started making videos before the first camp...we have video footage of the very first visit to our camp site by furs in early 1998, talking to camp directors and having fun on site.

We have footage from almost every year that camp has taken place, including our first trailer put together in 2004 to be shown on FCTV!

In 2010, we started making videos again in earnest with the Feral! the 13th series. We joked around with the Jason theme all year, but always kept it a little dark. If you watch closely, it's clear that 'Jason Furhees' feeds Feral! staff human meat...well, it's kind of clear...but it happened!

In 2011, It Came From Camp Feral! had kung fu fights, knife throwing, and b-movie awesomeness.

In 2012, we continued the trend with Futurecamp...Crono fought Crono, The Grumbler (Growler and Timber) snuck off to a cabin to...well, you know. It was a sitcom style but I wouldn't say that the subject matter was very PG...

For 2014...we've decided to just do it. Let's keep our quirky fun attitude, but we want to see how far we can push the envelope. With Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings as our inspiration, it's easy to turn up the gore, kill off characters, and go Full R.

So we give you the half goofy, half shocking, all Camp Feral! webseries: Algonquinos.

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