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Sparkling Water & Northwoods

Since it's almost time once again for the unique magic that is Feral...

Sparkling Water & Northwoods - ©2012 by Trevor Patrick (Wotan)

Gossamer clouds drift across pastel-blue sky,
A wistful reminder another year has slipped by.
Older and wiser, you hope one might say,
But perhaps old enough to be set in your ways.

As the horizon turns orange and evening becomes night,
Jupiter and Venus shining so bright,
To sparkling water and Northwoods my soul shall take flight,
As Feral as Elder Days.

Away from the progress and smoke of our wealth,
Away from vampiric careers that feed off our health,
Away from concrete boxes that take our well-being by stealth,
In Northwoods you shall find it again.

In bright, warming days, just to bask in the sun,
To rediscover simple fellowship and the child’s sense of fun,
And moment by moment, to cherish every one,
As Feral as Nature made us.

And the perfect-dark nights, magical wonders to behold,
Bright starlight so young yet incredibly old,
In absolute oneness so shall all truths unfold,
Feral Northwoods in clarion call.

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