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Futurecamp! - Episode One of Feral's new webseries is online!!

Heya all!

Most furs probably know Camp Feral as a crazy furry summer camp run each year! Well, in the off season we like to keep people entertained...and since all of us are crazy and broken, we do it through screwed up video series'!!

In 2010, we made 'Feral! the 13th,' an homage to Jason Voorhees and his classic slasher series. In 2011, 'It Came From Camp Feral!' spoofed b-movies. This year...we're going all out...

...we're making a retro-futuristic sitcom from the 1960s!!!

Check it out...the first episode of 'Futurecamp!' is online. In it you'll see Pawnee (our adorable mascot), most of Feral! staff with their shirts off, and Crono with a sledgehammer...all with a classic sitcom laugh track!

...it's...really stupid

Please tell us what you think, give us a thumbs up on YouTube if you like it, and share it with friends if you love it! We <3 you all and hope you enjoy! *cue applause*

~ Your Friendly Neighbourhood Summer Camp Staff!
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