wotan_tyger (wotan_tyger) wrote in feral_campers,

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It's almost time...

I feel a chill nip in the air tonight,
Soon the geese will move south in noisy flight,
I start to dream of silvery moon and stars so bright,
Of sharing music by fire's warming light...

See the leaves, they begin to turn,
Another year older, yet so much to learn.
Yet to one place my heart will return.
The wonder of Feral nights.

The lake's misty silence and the cry of the loons,
Of wandering foxes, of squirrels and raccoons,
The times of inspiration, which are over too soon,
Feral has returned once again.

The sharing of poetry and the beauty of speech,
Of drawing and painting, artistry to teach,
Of love and understanding we all strive to reach,
Feral will always stay with you.
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