Potoroo (potoroo) wrote in feral_campers,

Kyell Gold currently #1 at the Shorty Awards! VOTE!!

Heya guys! I'm pushing a campaign to all my furry friends on Twitter to support one of our most talented authors! Kyell Gold is currently #1 at the Shorty Awards in the author category - he's beating fictional author Richard Castle, visionary Neil Gaiman, and even hyper-successful JK Rowling!

Help keep the furs on top! I don't get excited about awards very often but this is the first time in probably a decade where the thought of a furry leading the pack is just too awesome!

If you're on Twitter, click this link and follow instructions to vote for Kyell Gold! He is definitely a phenomena in the furry fandom and deserves our support!

And just to show how cool this is...

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